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steve and Niki Woolven

From: West Chiltington, UK

Started: 13th Sep, 2019 — Finished: 20th Sep, 2019

Very lucky with the weather.6 days out of 7 we had wall to wall sunshine.

Guy Martin, Sam Halling and Tom Jaeger

From: Cotswolds / Warwickshire

Started: 15th Sep, 2019 — Finished: 20th Sep, 2019

As keen hikers at the best of times, the three of us decided to take on our first long-distance walk. We'd been saying for several years how we'd like to walk the entire Cotswold Way in one go, and so to round off the summer of 2019, we finally did it. We completed the full 102 miles over 6 days, from Bath to Chipping Campden, camping on the first three nights and staying in one of our houses (conveniently close to the trail) for the last two. Due to the extra weight of our big packs for the first four days, there was inevitably some pain along the way, largely in the form of blisters and hip strain, however we persevered and completed this beautiful walk within our 6 day goal. Accompanied by perfect weather and countless friendly encounters with fellow hikers and locals along the way, walking the Cotswold Way was an experience that we will never forget, and we can't wait to take on our next national trail.

Nita Sibley & Chris Richer

From: Holland on Sea, Essex

Started: 10th Sep, 2019 — Finished: 19th Sep, 2019

This walk is not for the faint hearted as it was harder than we anticipated - especially the first half. However we did it!

Karen Kroeger and Riverstone (Mary) Williams

From: Avondale Estates (Atlanta) Georgia, USA

Started: 7th Sep, 2019 — Finished: 16th Sep, 2019

History,culture, and the great outdoors! We walked from Chipping Campden to Bath in 9 days. The hills were a little steeper than anticipated, but the stunning vistas from the top were always worth it. We especially loved the ancient forests and meeting friendly locals out walking with their dogs. An unforgettable experience!

Judy Young

From: Shelbyville, Kentucky USA

Started: 9th Sep, 2019 — Finished: 16th Sep, 2019

Saurabh Handa and Sarah Walsh

From: Vancouver, Canada

Started: 19th Aug, 2019 — Finished: 26th Aug, 2019

We did the trail from Chipping Campden to Bath. This was an amazing experience for both of us and something that should be on the bucket list of anyone who wants to see the countryside in a way that is both physically rewarding (because you walked the entire trail after all) and visually beautiful. I hope we get a chance to do it again.

Jennifer Schmieder

From: Cardiff, UK

Started: 10th Jul, 2019 — Finished: 24th Aug, 2019

I hiked the Cotswolds Way in two segments and backpacked along the way. I have encountered so many lovely people along the way and on campsites. In all honesty, navigating fields full of cows and calves without getting angrily followed by them was the biggest challenge. I was surprised how many international hikers I met and I enjoyed every last chat to the max. A wonderful path, hilly, forested, challenging, quiet and peaceful. Loved the experience. Check out the pictures I took on my Instagram @Jennifer_hikes

Matt Foy

From: New York, NY

Started: 14th Aug, 2019 — Finished: 20th Aug, 2019

Walked from Chipping Campden to Bath over 7 days. I thoroughly enjoyed every mile of it, with highlights being my overnight in Stanton and the warm hospitality of new friends in Wotton-under-Edge.

Babs Dale

From: Wolverton, Milton Keynes

Started: 8th Apr, 2017 — Finished: 18th Aug, 2019

Completed over three years in stages, with three weekends away doing an average of 20 miles each weekend. The rest walked as day walks. Didn't do it end to end, but just did sections that suited the group and the car shuffles. One of the best walks for directions on the route, and for stunning scenery. We were also very lucky with our weather on every section. Highly recommend this trail.

Ben Hastie, Cliff Packer,Keith Jones

From: Cheltenham

Started: 14th Aug, 2019 — Finished: 17th Aug, 2019

We walked the entire length from Chipping Campden to Bath in 4 days. We walked at least 25 miles everyday in atrocious weather and on the last day we walked 34 miles. We did this for Racing Welfare Charity and have raised £1500

Daniela Gierden

From: Brühl, Germany

Started: 4th Aug, 2019 — Finished: 11th Aug, 2019

What a wonderful trail through beautiful landscapes, and what a great experience to do it all on your own! A great thank you to all those committed to keeping the Cotswold Way so weil entertained, marked, signposted, presented as it is!

Philip Edwards

From: Farnborough, Hampshire

Started: 29th Jun, 2019 — Finished: 11th Aug, 2019

Completed the trail over 8 days at weekends throughout summer 2019 starting in Chipping Campden going south. This was my fourth national trail and was easily the most challenging so far both in terms of logistics and the number of climbs and descents involved. The good thing about these ups and downs is that I was regularly greeted by stunning views from the top. A really varied walk with beautiful landscapes and lots of really nice villages passed through. My favourite sections were towards the finish and ending in Bath is the perfect way to end it. Definitely do not underestimate this walk but well worth doing.

Michal Immerwahr, Don Immerwahr, Lisa Immerwahr, Stephen Immerwahr, F. Vaughan Immerwahr, Etta Lilienthal

From: Seattle WA

Started: 4th Aug, 2019 — Finished: 10th Aug, 2019

Ieuan and Craig Trevallion

From: Ryde,IOW, England

Started: 28th Jul, 2019 — Finished: 4th Aug, 2019

I, IeuanT (10 years old), carried all my kit and camped.it was a very enjoyable trip(my legs are still hurting)! The cakes at the bakery at Wootton-under-Edge and climbing the Tyndale Monument to see a hot air balloon at 8.30am were amazing!

Al Warner and Jonne Warner

From: Erie, PA, United States

Started: 22nd Jul, 2019 — Finished: 30th Jul, 2019

Loved this walk, the countryside, and the people we met. I was in love with the whole process every day (even though we walked through some of England's hottest weather ever).