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Nigel Pearce Michael Cartwright

From: Llantwit Fardre and Caerphilly

Started: 4th Mar, 2018 — Finished: 3rd Nov, 2019

We had walked the wales coastal path and offas dyke and wanted a fresh challenge the trail is beautiful well signposted and plenty of benches to rest tired legs and eat a sand witch I loved the quaint villages

David Coveney, Chris Wynn-Mackenzie, Pau lVian

From: Cheltenham and Cirencester

Started: 4th Sep, 2018 — Finished: 2nd May, 2019

We retired last year and decided to walk the Cotswold Way in stages one day per week. We found it very enjoyable as well as good healthy exercise. The Cotswold Way is generally well signposted with some magnificent views. We will continue to walk and look forward to re-visit the Cotswold Way in the future.

Tim Harper

From: Loughborough

Started: 4th Feb, 2019 — Finished: 27th Feb, 2019

Had a great walk and loved the scenery that I walked through. Highlights for me were: - arriving at Belas Knapp on my own with it shrouded in mist - leckhampton to brockworth, an area where my family is from - Painswick church yard - the last 3 days where I was walking in t shirt, shorts and 20 degrees C! I did the walk in 3 shifts of 2 days (2.5 days in the last week). I used Broadway, Stroud, Yate and Bath as my bases and got buses to start and end points.

Andrew Caunce

From: Bromley

Started: 16th Feb, 2019 — Finished: 22nd Feb, 2019

Great walk - first time I have walked these distances on so many consecutive days. Loved the scenery and the chance to refresh at so many lovely pubs on the way.


From: Torquay

Started: 16th Feb, 2019 — Finished: 20th Feb, 2019

Fantastic walk Great views and steeped in history Path was very up and down- more so than the SWCP Make sure you have foot ware that has good shock absorbers in them as the path, for much of the way , stony and hard/tiring under foot (if you are backpacking)Views from the escarpments, hills far reaching and worth taking a breather to enjoy If you are backpacking and camping wild then drinking water is a problem - summer especially!? Very few streams Lots of paths criss-cross the Cotswold Way and the amount of different signs can be confusing In spring / summer with all the wildflowers and wildlife around it would be even better Thanks to all the people who look after the trail DB

Mother and Daughter, Jane Frewin & Julie Whelan

From: Somerset (Jane) Oxfordshire (Julie)

Started: 26th Jan, 2019 — Finished: 17th Feb, 2019

We had a great time, it was tough doing this walk so early in the year as the weather threw it all at us, rain, sleet, hail, gale force winds and even snow ( which is why we took a few days break) we even had two beautiful days of sunshine. This photo was taken in the sleet as we left Seven Springs. My Mum is in her 70th year so wow what an achievement! My advice to anyone planning to do this is don’t do it in Jan/Feb, don’t walk the footpath from the Bodkin House hotel back to Hawkesbury Upton ( all stiles have been made impassable by the local farmer ) if you need a taxi from Cold Ashton use V Cars - the only instruction I could give them was that I was sat on a bench somewhere in Cold Ashton and bless him he found us 🤪

Misja Weesjes, Hauke Steinberg

From: Galway, Ireland

Started: 5th Feb, 2019 — Finished: 15th Feb, 2019

Hey everyone! We are Hauke and Misja, two avid hikers, who took a magical walking holiday in February 2019 along the beautiful Cotswold Way, in the heart of England. https://bit.ly/2FnSjQ8 https://www.hillwalktours.com/walking-hiking-blog/11-amazing-days-on-the-cotswold-way-our-hiking-adventure/?fbclid=IwAR0EOKxMX3ChSBKySjS8I1jisPj3LFMnQK1dRfmDJQxpZrYHGoYXou1aJoE

Annette Hitch and David Hitch

From: Colerne, Wiltshire

Started: 5th May, 2018 — Finished: 3rd Feb, 2019

Great walk, beautiful scenery. Many thanks to the Voluntary Cotswold Wardens who led each of the 10 legs.

David and Annette Hitch

From: Colerne, Wiltshire

Started: 5th May, 2018 — Finished: 3rd Feb, 2019



Started: 8th Aug, 2018 — Finished: 31st Dec, 2018

We've walked this route with our friends Alastair and Helen. It's been a great adventure, enjoying scorching sun, pouring rain, high winds and even snow! We've found some great coffee shops at the end of each stage which has been a real treat.



Started: 8th Aug, 2018 — Finished: 31st Dec, 2018

After major heart surgery at the beginning of 2018 we are thrilled that Alastair has completed the Cotswold Way with his wife Helen and friends Keren and Graham . We've enjoyed great weather for pretty much the whole walk. At times finding a suitable carpark has been a challenge - maybe postcodes could be printed in the book. There's always been a great tea shop at the end of each section too.

Shaun Pettitt, Howard Pettitt & John Toffi

From: Gloucestershire

Started: 13th Apr, 2018 — Finished: 7th Dec, 2018

We completed the way in 12 separate day walks. We experienced mostly blazing temperatures walking through the exceptionally hot summer of 2018. A couple of days we walked early setting off at 6am to avoid the heat of the day. Every different section had something memorable and all had amazing views.

John Kerslake

From: Shipston-on-Stour, UK

Started: 24th Nov, 2018 — Finished: 29th Nov, 2018

Wow! What a sense of achievement. An amazing six days of ups and downs (physically and emotionally) and I'm really glad I've achieved my goal of completing this stunning walk. If there's a hill, you climb it! I probably underestimated quite how steep some of the climbs (up and down) were but they have just added to the sense of achievement. I was quite emotional on my arrival at Bath Abbey and only on reflection will I realise the benefits of what I have done.

Rachel Smith, Carly Rickerby, Bethany Malone

From: USA and AUS

Started: 26th Sep, 2017 — Finished: 16th Nov, 2018

We walked one section of the trail each month during term time.

Carly, Bethany and Rachel

From: Australia (via Cheltenham)

Started: 26th Sep, 2017 — Finished: 16th Nov, 2018

Amazing trail in beautiful and varied landscape - rolling hills, woodlands, wild flower fields, farmland, quaint villages, majestic buildings - the list goes on! Definitely worth the time and effort to complete this trail.