Cotswold Way Hall of Fame (page 1 of 26)

Claire Hampton, Andrew Hampton, Freddie Hampton

From: Thornbury

Started: 27th Jun, 2022 — Finished: 27th Jun, 2022

We walked with our son in 10m sessions to raise money for the Ukraine.

Michael and Barbara Doran

From: Raleigh, NC USA

Started: 24th Apr, 2022 — Finished: 24th May, 2022

Such a beautiful walk through stunningly gorgeous country. Everyone we met along the way was friendly and helpful.

Gordon & Glenda Matthews

From: Rudloe, Corsham, Wiltshire

Started: 3rd Jul, 2021 — Finished: 2nd Apr, 2022

We Walked the Cotswold Way, over 10 monthly walks , lead by theCotswold Voluntary Wardens: friendly, well organised and knowledgeable. We walked it North to South and warmly recommend this way of walking it!

Robin and Cath Gazzard

From: Wickwar, Gloucestershire

Started: 3rd Jul, 2021 — Finished: 2nd Apr, 2022

Well organised, 10 stages ( one per month), fantastic group of fellow walkers and interesting leaders on each stage. Started in July (2 months later than normal due to Covid restrictions) and finished in April in glorious sunshine and blue skies ( but cold!). Thank you to all the Cotswold Wardens for making this such a brilliant way of walking the Cotswold Way.

Suzanne Thompson

From: Devon, England

Started: 26th Mar, 2022 — Finished: 1st Apr, 2022

Walked the way in 7 days with 5 friends. We based ourselves firstly nr Cheltenham then in Dursley and drove to start and finish of each section each day. We’ve walked other National trials; Coast to Coast, Dartmoor Way, Two moors Way, Pembrokeshire Way. The Cotswold Way did not disappoint. Good signage, plenty of diversity in regards to paths, gradients, flora and fauna and views from the escarpments.

Dawn Jones & Andrew Gordon

From: Herne Bay & Folkestone

Started: 25th Mar, 2022 — Finished: 30th Mar, 2022

A strenuous 6 day walking journey, perhaps a little rushed! We walked to a new Inn/Hotel each day using a baggage transfer company. Luckily the weather just held for us.

Susan Kelly and Joanna Barnwell

From: Swindon

Started: 17th Oct, 2020 — Finished: 25th Mar, 2022

Started during the pandemic in between lockdowns. A great escape and has given us an enduring love of the outdoors and the beautiful Cotswolds. An amazing trail although arduous at times with an amazing finish line at the doors of the Bath Abbey (we nearly missed the huge plaque in the ground). We completed over several weekends when time, weather and lockdowns would allow. Highly recommend it.

L and S

From: Bristol

Started: 8th Sep, 2016 — Finished: 27th Dec, 2021

It started off as a day hike near home but gradually turned into wanting to walk the whole route, going on a combination of day trips and overnighters. Each day was glorious until the last when it was wet all day, but certainly made up for it with a Festive pint in front of the fire.

Lisa Kinahan

From: Witney Oxon

Started: 21st Mar, 2021 — Finished: 20th Nov, 2021

Started in March . It has taken 8 months and 3 seasons. The scenery and views on this trail are breathtaking , with lots of wow views that are as far as you can see. The Cotswold buildings in the villages and towns that you walk through are stunning. I had three over night stays on the 13 days walking . There are pubs who let you park up in their car park with your campervan, all you need to do is eat in their pub . My husband has been my support vehicle at times to aid the logistics of the trail walk in sections. I've had a great time on this trail

Gert Corfield, Joe Corfield & Peter Boyden

From: Bromsgrove and Solihull

Started: 21st Apr, 2021 — Finished: 25th Oct, 2021

We walked the Cotswold Way in 9 stages over a few months as an intro to long distance footpath walking since retiring at the end of March 2021 (Gert Corfield). We couldn’t have chosen a better long distance path! Apart from 10 minutes of heavy rain during the the last stage into Bath the weather has been phenomenal and scenery stunning. I’ve also recorded some rare Orchids and Butterflies along the way - most notably the Duke of Burgundy on Prestbury Hill and Chalkhill Blue. Scarce birds included Red Kite, Redstarts and Crossbill. Waymarking was spot on and needed little help from OS maps so that was most appreciated. Will be doing the walk again next year in one go.

Pascale Maroney & Helen Seymour

From: Bath

Started: 18th Sep, 2021 — Finished: 19th Sep, 2021

Ran/jogged/walked as part of the Cotswolds Way centurion ultra

Linda and Darrell Barrett

From: Hiawassee GA USA

Started: 12th Sep, 2021 — Finished: 18th Sep, 2021

A 7 day walking journey with strenuous climbs, stately homes, and magnificent natural beauty. Carried full packs but had a warm bed every night.

Carla Hartley and Danielle Plecash

From: Austin, Texas, USA

Started: 24th Aug, 2021 — Finished: 30th Aug, 2021

We had a wonderful time! We chose to use a service that booked us rooms along the way and moved our luggage. A few places the signage is not great but we made it with very few detours. It helped that we used Alltrails with GPS to follow a recorded hike. I decided when there are multiple trails to choose from and you aren't sure... the one that looks the hardest or most steep is always the Cotswolds Way!

Ian, Zoe, Tom (14), Max (11)

From: Bucks

Started: 29th Aug, 2020 — Finished: 29th Aug, 2021

This was our second National Trail as a family (the Ridgeway our first). We walked it over 8 days over 5 weekends finishing a year from the day we started in Chipping Campden. Shortest day 10.85 miles, longest 17.76. We loved it. Even our younger son, Max, had to admit that he quite enjoyed the experience - helped by staying in hotels and the odd airbnb and eating in local restaurants. There are too many highlights to mention - each day brought fine views and lovely villages to wonder through. But I'd cite here Belas Knap, scaling Cleeve Hill on a cold early April morning, picking wild garlic in Dowdeswell Wood, the views from Hartley Hill and Coaley Peak, the lovely village of Painswick (great restaurants), Cam Long Down, Dyrham Park and the dramatic finale in Bath as you begin to get excited about the end - nothing can prepare you for turning the last corner and seeing the Abbey. The only bit we didn't enjoy was trying to cross the A436 at the roundabout with the Air Balloon pub (near Cold Slad). It verged on the dangerous and I had to step out to stop the traffic as the only way to cross a dual carriageway safely. But that was a blip. Beyond the sense of achievement of walking over 100 miles through fantastic countryside was the 50 odd hours we spent together. We didn't talk the whole way of course but in an age of mobile phones and game consoles walking was guaranteed family time. Next up in 2022, The Thames Path. Thanks to those who keep the path in excellent condition with superb signage. We are so lucky to have so many great routes to walk.

Eric P. Strauss

From: Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Started: 23rd Aug, 2021 — Finished: 28th Aug, 2021

Wow! What a trip! I completed walking the 102-mile Cotswold Way over six days, ending at Bath Abbey, on Saturday evening, 28 August. The weather was unbeatable, with nary a drop of rain the entire way and temperatures ranging from the low 50s °F to the low 70s °F. First and foremost I want to acknowledge my Mom, who sadly past away last month. Today would have been my parents 51st anniversary. I first visited the Cotswolds with my parents in 1993. I began planning this trip when my Mom was alive. Were she alive, she would have been my biggest cheerleader along the way, and so proud of my accomplishment. Second, I want to recognize and publicly thank my wife, for allowing me this time and for managing everything on the home front while I am frolicking around the English Countryside. It means the world to me. I love you, Laura. Third, a shout out to my Dad who first brought us to England (and Europe) during high school to see the country and in particular Bournemouth, where he was born. It was in large part that trip that whet my appetite to spend my junior year abroad at Oxford. Later, in my mid-20s, my Dad and I hiked 60 miles along the Southwest Coast Path, an experience which instilled in me a love for walking and for the English countryside and seaside. My visit to the UK to celebrate my 50th birthday has been an awesome trip of a lifetime — and it’s not over yet!