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Started: 8th Aug, 2018 — Finished: 31st Dec, 2018

We've walked this route with our friends Alastair and Helen. It's been a great adventure, enjoying scorching sun, pouring rain, high winds and even snow! We've found some great coffee shops at the end of each stage which has been a real treat.



Started: 8th Aug, 2018 — Finished: 31st Dec, 2018

After major heart surgery at the beginning of 2018 we are thrilled that Alastair has completed the Cotswold Way with his wife Helen and friends Keren and Graham . We've enjoyed great weather for pretty much the whole walk. At times finding a suitable carpark has been a challenge - maybe postcodes could be printed in the book. There's always been a great tea shop at the end of each section too.

Shaun Pettitt, Howard Pettitt & John Toffi

From: Gloucestershire

Started: 13th Apr, 2018 — Finished: 7th Dec, 2018

We completed the way in 12 separate day walks. We experienced mostly blazing temperatures walking through the exceptionally hot summer of 2018. A couple of days we walked early setting off at 6am to avoid the heat of the day. Every different section had something memorable and all had amazing views.

John Kerslake

From: Shipston-on-Stour, UK

Started: 24th Nov, 2018 — Finished: 29th Nov, 2018

Wow! What a sense of achievement. An amazing six days of ups and downs (physically and emotionally) and I'm really glad I've achieved my goal of completing this stunning walk. If there's a hill, you climb it! I probably underestimated quite how steep some of the climbs (up and down) were but they have just added to the sense of achievement. I was quite emotional on my arrival at Bath Abbey and only on reflection will I realise the benefits of what I have done.

Rachel Smith, Carly Rickerby, Bethany Malone

From: USA and AUS

Started: 26th Sep, 2017 — Finished: 16th Nov, 2018

We walked one section of the trail each month during term time.

Carly, Bethany and Rachel

From: Australia (via Cheltenham)

Started: 26th Sep, 2017 — Finished: 16th Nov, 2018

Amazing trail in beautiful and varied landscape - rolling hills, woodlands, wild flower fields, farmland, quaint villages, majestic buildings - the list goes on! Definitely worth the time and effort to complete this trail.

John Garrett

From: Keynsham Bristol

Started: 17th Jul, 2018 — Finished: 5th Nov, 2018

The walk was completed alone in10 stages using public transport to link the journeys. Thanks to all those volunteers that keep the many paths and way posts in good order (mostly!) I enjoyed meeting many fellow travellers, hearing their stories and my own celebration of 80 years

Zachary Dushenko

From: Hermosa Beach, USA

Started: 27th Oct, 2018 — Finished: 31st Oct, 2018

I attempted to complete this walk in five days. I did it, but barely. The number of times I got lost, especially out in open farmland. To anybody thinking of doing the entire hike, make sure you have a compass with you at all times.

Michelle Blake

From: Tasmania, Australia

Started: 15th Oct, 2018 — Finished: 25th Oct, 2018

This was my third attempt in 10 years. The first time I tried to do it with all the kit and camp along the way, but I had too much stuff and the weight wore me out. The second time I didn't have the right boots and got blisters from a canal walk I did a few days before so had to cancel. This time I successful completed the whole trail with the help of Hikes and Bikes who arranged accommodation and luggage transfer. I walked by myself and I loved the silence and alone time. Some of the woodland areas were a bit creepy but I never felt unsafe. I just had to be extra careful not to fall and hurt myself. I got really lucky with the weather with it being so late in the season. Some days I didn't get the views because of fog and mist. I loved the atmosphere and all the autumn colours! This was a great experience and allowed me time to slow down and appreciate my surroundings. I met some great people and my hosts were really helpful with advice.

Dave and Margie Foreman

From: USA

Started: 15th Oct, 2018 — Finished: 24th Oct, 2018

We were blessed with great weather for most of our walk. Our first day walking was the only day with rain. Some of our favorite sections of this walk were: Broadway, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham, Leckhampton Hill, Painswick, King Stanley, Coaley Peak, North Nibley (the Tyndale Monument) and Old Sodbury. We enjoyed walking through the fields scattered with sheep and cows. Sometimes we had the pleasure of seeing the horses and once we walked in a field with an emu. I didn't realize that when we reached a peak and looked out across the vista and saw a couple hills that we would be walking to all of the hills! It was beautiful and worth every step though. We took the longer routes for every option because we didn't want to miss out on any of the views. We had to learn to watch for all the signs because there are SO many trails. Because there were many trails, we were glad that we had a map and a guide book to help direct us. We met a few other walkers and some locals who gave ups pointers on where to go and what to do when we visited certain towns. It was a trip of a lifetime!



Started: 13th Sep, 2018 — Finished: 21st Sep, 2018

Wonderful ramble. Fabulous views of magnificent landscapes. Excellent weather all the way except on final day when it never stopped raining into Bath. However, our spirits were lifted on achieving our goal and completing this incredible National Trail. We loved the history, stunning views and chocolate box villages including Chipping Camden, Broadway and Painswick. Regency Bath took our breath away. Memories that will last forever!! We are now planning our next long distance footpath stimulated by our amazing Cotswold Way adventure!!

Dan Smith, Robin Smith, Dak Burnett, and Pat Burnett

From: USA

Started: 10th Sep, 2018 — Finished: 20th Sep, 2018

We had a wonderful trip! I have ordered the patches to put on our back packs!

Sean Wilkinson

From: Watsonville California USA

Started: 7th Sep, 2018 — Finished: 17th Sep, 2018

It was a great experience—lots of friendly people and farm animals! Beautiful views and interesting sites to explore all along the way especially the villages, but also the artifacts from earlier history. my favorite was climbing into Ailey long barrow.

Lucy Wilkinson and Sean Wilkinson

From: Watsonville, CA USA

Started: 7th Sep, 2018 — Finished: 17th Sep, 2018

In celebration of our 25th Wedding Anniversary we walked the Cotswolds from Chipping Campden to Bath. We enjoyed hiking through the beautiful countryside, passing through kissing gates and eating blackberries all along the way. Some of the hills were challenging, but walking through the woods was so peaceful as was walking along with the sheep and cows. We were in awe of historical sites like the Neolithic Burial Mounds, Hailes Abbey, Great-Witcombe Roman Villa, Horton Court and Dyrham Park and all the amazing views that constantly surrounded us. Another highlight of our experience was meeting people in the villages and the other walkers along the way. We hope to keep up with our new friends.

Bishopstown Hillwalking Club

From: Cork Ireland

Started: 9th Sep, 2018 — Finished: 16th Sep, 2018

Completing the walk in such a short time was a challenge, and didn't afford time to enjoy some of the charming towns and villages we passed, but a wonderful experience and a good time was had by all. We were blessed with good weather and dry ground which made for enjoyable walking and the season was perfect. I recommend Hikes and Bikes and all the places we spent the night, with some of our hosts going the extra mile to make us welcome. We walked from Chipping Sodbury to Bath and found the A46 impossible to cross. It's a very busy road 24/7, and although signs alert motorists to pedestrians nobody had the patience to allow us across. The road has to be crossed around 4 times and something needs to be done about this for walkers safety. Entering Bath through Kempston the path takes you into the valley, then back up again to the rim before turning towards the city center and Abbey which added an unwelcome climb after such a long stretch across country. Walking directly from Kempston to the Abbey would have taken just 40 mins whereas following the Cotswold way posted route more than doubles that time. Will recommend others to try this walk. Ian