Planning Responses by Authority

Tewkesbury District Council

2020.06.12 – 19/01071/OUT – Erection of 50 dwellings – Land of Ashmead Drive, Cobblers Close, Gotherington

2020.06.12 – 17/00399/OUT - Construction of up to 500 new homes - Land To The West Of Evesham Road (North Cleevelands), Evesham Road, Gotherington

2020.05.07 – Redevelopment of Bentham Country Club to a Climbing Park – Bentham Country Club, Bentham Lane, Bentham, Cheltenham GL3 4UD

2020.04.24 – 20/00107/FUL - Demolition of an existing agricultural workers dwelling and the erection of an open market replacement dwelling of exceptional quality design - Buckland Manor Farm, Buckland, Broadway

2019/11/22 - 19/00722/FUL, 19/00723/FUL and 19/00724/FUL - New agricultural buildings, etc. - Land at Berry Wormington, Stanton, Gloucestershire

2019.11.18 – Tewkesbury Borough Plan – Pre-Submission consultation

2019.07.31 – Change of use of former wholesale plant nursery to builders yard – Saberton Farm, Beckford Road, Dumbleton

2019.05.20 – 19/00333/FUL - Erection of 5 dwellings with associated access - Part Parcel 2363, Butts Lane, Woodmancote.

2019.05.01 – 19/00001/SCR – Screening opinion for proposed residential development of up to 125 dwellings – Land off Delavale Road, Winchcombe

2018.11.30 – Tewkesbury Borough Plan Preferred Options consultation – CCB covering letter

2018.11.30 – Tewkesbury Borough Plan Preferred Options consultation – CCB response

2018.11.05 - 18/00883/FUL, 18/00884/FUL, 18/00885/FUL and 18/00886/FUL – Four agricultural buildings – Land Adjacent to Berry Wormington, Stanton

2018.03.26 – 18/00133/FUL - Construction of 5 detached dwellings. 2363 Butts Lane, Woodmancote, Cheltenham Gloucestershire.

7.7.2016 - Outline application 16/00539/OUT - Land At Trumans Farm Manor Lane Gotherington.

19.9.2016 - RE: Gotherington Neighbourhood Development Plan Proposal Consultation.

7.7.2016 - Outline application 16/00539/OUT - Land At Trumans Farm, Manor Lane, Gotherington.

29.6.2016 - Outline application 16/00481/OUT - Part Parcel 0010 And 0024 And All Parcel 0522 Cider Mill Lane Winchcombe Gloucestershire.

26.5.2016 - 16/00417/OUT - Residential development of up to 76 dwellings with the creation of a new access to Southam Road (B4632), together with an emergency, pedestrian and cycle link to Mill Lane, associated landscaping, and public open space

4.4.2016 - RE: 16/00274/FUL Erection of three detached dwellings and associated works. Fortitude Birdlip Hill Witcombe Gloucester Gloucestershire.

26.4.2016 - 16/0010/CWMAJW Proposed improvement works including importing suitable processed fill material and excavation of irrigation pond. - Cotswold Hills Golf Club

7.7.2016 - Outline application 16/00539/OUT - Land At Trumans Farm Manor Lane Gotherington.

Butts Lane, Woodmancote Application 15.00764 - 37 Dwellings

RE: 15/00350/FUL Gretton Fields Solar Farm

Response to draft Tewkesbury Local Plan Consultation April 2015

RE: 15/00228/FUL New Dwelling Land At Headlands Mill Lane Prestbury.

West of Farm Lane Leckhampton March 2015 Amended Plan

Ashchurch (550 Dwellings) 14.01245.OUT February 2015

Response to planning application for residential development West of Farm Lane, Shurdington, Tewkesbury BC ref 14/00838/FUL (Nov 2014)

Response to Winchcombe with Sudeley Neighbourhood Plan draft sustainabilty scoping report (May 2014)

Response to planning application, Yew Tree Farm, Woodmancote Tewkesbury BC ref: 14/00318/OUT (May 2014)

Response to planning application, reserved matters, Gretton Road, Winchcombe, Tewkesbury Borough Council Ref: 13/00986/App (December 2013)

Response to planning application, residential development, St Margarets Drive Alderton (Oct 2013) Tewkesbury Borough Council Ref: 13/00734/OUT

Response to planning application, Bentham, Cheltenham, (Sept 2013) Tewkesbury BC Ref: 13/00794/FUL