Planning Responses by Authority

Stroud District Council

S.20/2667/FUL - 35 dwellings - Minchinhampton - 2021.01.18

Stroud Local Planning Review - Additional Housing Options - 2020.12.16

2020/0492/EIAS - Scoping Opinion - 2700 dwellings - Whaddon, Gloucester - 2020.10.14

S.20/1627/TEL - Telecoms mast - Far Oakridge - 2020.09.10

S.17/2073/TEL - Telecoms mast - Land off Pincot Lane - 2020.08.13

S.20/0716/FUL - Extension of business park - Aston Down - 2020.07.13

S.20/0799/FUL - Provision of a small stable block for the accommodation of horses and associated equipment - Waterley Bottom, North Nibley - 2020.06.25

APP/C1625/C/20/3247582, APP/C1625/C/20/3247583 & APP/C1625/W/20/3244956 – Land at Lot 1 and 2, Waterley Bottom, North Nibley - 2020.05.04

S.20/0128/FUL - Farm building for storage of animal feed/fodder & implements - Lot 1 And 2, Waterley Bottom, North Nibley - 2020.05.01

Stroud Local Plan Review – Draft Plan for Consultation - 2020.02.07

S.19/2094/FUL - Material change of use of land from agriculture to the processing, seasoning, drying, storage, sale and supply of firewood (retrospective) - Lower Kilcott Farm, Hillesley - 2019.12.13

S.18/2698/FUL - Residential development of 31 new homes (as a rural exception site) - Land at Middle Hill, Chalford Hill, Stroud - 2019.09.24

S.19/1056/FUL – Erection of agricultural barn – Land at Tiltups End, Horsley, Stroud - 2019.07.19

Stroud Local Plan Review – Emerging Strategy Paper Consultation - 2019.01.18

S.17/2729/FUL – Conversion and refurbishment of the former Standish Hospital complex to form 48 new dwellings and to develop 98 new build homes - 2019.01.04

S.17/2729/FUL – Conversion and refurbishment of the former Standish Hospital complex to form 48 new dwellings and to develop 98 new build homes - 2018.07.13

21.03.2018 – S.17/2451/FUL - Land to the west of Hawkesbury Road, Hillesley, Gloucestershire - Rural Exception Site comprising residential development of 17 dwellings with associated access, footpath diversion, parking and landscaping.

FUL - Barn Stabling and Menage - Land adjacent to Swinhay smallholding

8.11.2016 - Application Number: S.16/2281/FUL - Stamages House, Stamages Lane, Painswick, Stroud. Residential development of nine houses (including three affordable houses).

4.11.2016 - RE: Betworthy Farm, Coaley S.16/2248/FUL. Erection of 24 new dwellings (12 Affordable Homes).

26.9.2016 - S.16/1906/FUL - Land To The West Of Hawkesbury Road, Hillesley, Gloucestershire Residential development of 22 dwellings with associated access, footpath diversion, parking and landscaping (including 11 affordable dwellings).

30.9.2016 - S.16/1879/FUL - Barton End Stables Upper Barton End Lane, Horsley, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 0QF Retrospective application for mobile home, land change of use from agricultural to equestrian, stables and cafe/staff room.

16.9.2016 - S.16/1587/OUT - Land At Holywell Farm, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, - 25 dwellings.

8.7.2016 - S.16/1299/OUT - Erection of up to 4 No. detached dwellings and ancillary development. Land At The Frith, Brownshill, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

1.7.2016 - S.16/1293/VAR - Land Adjacent To Ruscombe Farm Bread Street, Ruscombe, Gloucestershire.

16.6.2016 - Application Reference: S.16/1263/FUL - Residential development of 17 dwellings (including 5 affordable units), associated parking, hard and soft landscaping an associated works.

9.6.2016 S.16/1116/FUL. Land At Whiteway Hill, Woodmancote, Dursley, Gloucestershire. Change of use of agricultural land and buildings to private equestrian use.

1.6.2016 - S.16/1040/FUL - Land At Dane Lane, Daneway, Sapperton, Gloucestershire.

22.4.2016 - S.16/0826/FUL - Welches Farm Horsemarling Lane, Standish, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3BX - Replacement of former cattle shed with five dwellings and associated external works.

8.3.2016 - RE: S.16/0043/OUT Land at M5 Junction 12, West of Stonehouse.

11.8.2016 - RE: 2016/1202/EIAS Screening Opinion - Land to the West of Hawkesbury Road, Hillesley, Gloucestershire.

Alkington Solar Farm

Cam & Coaley Solar Farm

Ham Mills, Brimscombe, Stroud - redevelopment

Land East of A46 Cheltenham Road & South Park Painswick - Residential Development

S.15.0834.OUT Grange Fields, Wick Street, Stroud 80 dwellings

S.15.0476/OUT Land at Littlecombe Lister Petter Dursley - 282 dwellings

S.15/0656/FUL Land at the Knapp, Minchinhampton – 31 dwellings and associated infrastructure.

S.14.2840 2841 & Lynch Knoll, Tinkley Lane, Nympsfield wind turbines.

Land off Hardings Drive, Dursley. Feb.2015.

Response to planning application for residential development Pike Lane, Nailsworth; Stroud DC ref S.14/2265/OUT (Nov 2014)

Response to planning application, solar farm, Upper Wick, Stroud DC ref: S.14/1336/FUL (July 2014)

Response to planning application for 18MW solar farm, Upper Wick. Stroud DC Ref S.14/1336/FUL (July 2014)

Response to planning application for residential development, Nupend Farm, Horsley. Stroud DC ref; S.14/1191/FUL (July 2014)

Response to planning application for residential development at Woodside, Kings Stanley, Stroud DC ref: S.14/0525/FUL (May 2014)

Response to planning application for Anaerobic Digester, Chavenage, Stroud DC Ref S.14/0673/FUL (April 2014)

Response to preliminary draft CIL charging schedule, Stroud District Council

Response to planning application, residential development, Bath Road, Leonard Stanley, Stroud District Council ref: S.13/2678/OUT) Jan 2014