Position Statements


Position statements on key issues affecting the AONB

As part of its commitment to conserving and enhancing the Cotswolds AONB, the Cotswolds Conservation Board has agreed to develop positions on key issues affecting the AONB. Developing these positions is an action within the AONB Management Plan.

Cotswolds National Park Position Statement (December 2018)

Housing Position Statement (April 2021)

Landscape-led Development Position Statement (April 2021)

Development in the Setting of the AONB (Revised June 2016)

Neighbourhood Plans (Adopted October 2015)

Tranquillity Position Statement  (June 2019)

Cotswolds Dark Skies & Artificial Light Position Statement (Adopted March 2019)

Tree Species and Provenance (Adopted June 2017)

Minerals and Waste Planning (Revised 2013)

Telecommunications and Broadband (Revised 2013)

Renewable Energy (Revised April 2014)

Energy Guide (June 2014)

Unconventional Gas Prospectivity Briefing Paper (Revised May 2019)

Employment (Revised October 2013)

Transport (Revised 2013)

Miscanthus (Revised June 2013)

Keeping Of Horses and Ponies (Revised June 2017)

Management of Roadside Verges (Adopted October 2015)

Management of Wild Deer (Revised June 2017)

Conserving and Celebrating Cultural Capital in the Cotswolds AONB (Adopted March 2019) DRAFT

Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Countryside Access in the Cotswolds AONB (Adopted 2016)

Public Rights Of Way (Adopted October 2015)