Landscape Strategy & Guidelines


The Cotswold Landscape Character Assessment

The Cotswold Landscape Character Assessment has identified 19 different landscape character types in the Cotswolds AONB.

Using this assessment, Landscape Strategies and Guidelines have been produced for each of the 19 landscape character types. This information is used by local planners and decision makers to make informed decisions about the suitability of proposedĀ development or change within the Cotswold landscape.

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Introduction and Use

Landscape Character Type Map

LCT 1: Escarpment Outliers

LCT 2: Escarpment

LCT 3: Rolling Hills and Valleys

LCT 4: Enclosed Limestone Valley

LCT 5: Settled Valleys

LCT 6: Ironstone Hills and Valleys

LCT 7: High Wold

LCT 8: High Wold Valley

LCT 9: High Wold Dip Slope

LCT 10: High Wold Dip Slope Valley

LCT 11: Dip Slope Lowland

LCT 12: Dip Slope Lowland Valley

LCT 13: Low Limestone Plateau

LCT 14: Cornbrash Pastoral Lowlands

LCT 15: Farmed Slopes

LCT 16: Broad Floodplain Valley

LCT 17: Pastoral Lowland Vale

LCT 18: Settled Unwooded Vale

LCT 19: Unwooded Vale