Fossils and fun

Image of stone carving tools resting against large rock in the autumn sun

Fossils and fun

In this experience, you will discover the origins and secrets of this amazing stone and how it has shaped the story of the Cotswolds. You’ll go on a fossil hunt looking for ancient sea creatures from the Jurassic period, when the area was a warm tropical sea. In these conditions, life flourished and those creatures are now encapsulated in the stone. Try your hand at fossil hunting – and, as the saying goes, finders, keepers!

The Cotswolds is famous for the beauty of its landscape and buildings. The local limestone has a unique warmth and richness to it, and wonderful variations in colour across the Cotswolds. Houses and churches in Cotswold towns and villages are built from this limestone, as are the countless miles of drystone walls.

Set in a stunning quarry off the beaten track, you will see the lengths the quarrymen went to get their prize, even going underground. In this experience, you will also have a go at dry stone walling – using the stone to make this iconic landscape feature.


  • Perfect for beginners, no experience necessary
  • 2 hour experience
  • £25.00 per person
  • Suitable for families with children aged 10 and above
  • The experience is held outside so please bring weather-appropriate clothing: warm clothing / layers, waterproofs, gloves, sturdy shoes/boots, hat, and sun cream
  • Hot drink on arrival
  • All other tools and equipment will be provided
  • Toilet facilities are not currently available at this site
  • Parking will be available with further details and directions provided in the joining instructions