Building with lime mortar

Building with lime mortar

Explore working with one of the most important materials in the history of building, and how it can easily be used on your own building. This hands-on course is for people who want to grasp some of the basic skills of working with lime mortar. While working to repair the inside and outside of a traditional Cotswold barn, you will learn about lime putty, hydraulic lime, sands, the use of horse hair, mixes and recipes for different applications. You’ll gain hands-on experience of plastering (onto stone and laths), rendering, and stone repairs.

One of the important objectives of the course is to repair the fabric of a building, so that your work will be available for subsequent courses to learn from. The course is aimed at home owners and beginners, and the instructor will pass on many tips and tricks as well as established techniques.

Please make sure you choose a date priced at £270 for this course as this is a different course to decorative lime mortar.

Decorative Lime Mortar

We offer a fantastic course in the decorative application of lime mortar, including but not limited to the following techniques:

  • Sgraffito: carved patterns and / or blocks of colour to make a bold design that is visually striking and attracts the eye;
  • Pargetting: embossed figures raised from the surface of the lime and casting shadows to accentuate their outline.
  • Decorative wall finishes: colours and textures added to the lime that really make the feature stand out. As well as their rich colours, these finishes are also breathable, and so protect buildings as well.

We look forward to exploring the creative properties of lime with you, in the wonderful grounds of the Hawkwood College.

For more information about these techniques, please visit Sally Ellwood’s website, who will be running the courses in question: Exterior, interior and artwork lime – Sally Ellwood

Please choose a date that is priced at £299 for this course as this is a separate course to building with lime mortar.


  • Perfect for beginners, no experience necessary
  • 2 day course
  • £270 per person for building with lime mortar and £299 for decorative lime mortar
  • Suitable for people aged 16 and over
  • Lime can stain, so please wear clothes and footwear you won’t mind getting dirty.
  • The course is taught outside so please bring weather-appropriate clothing: warm clothing / layers, waterproofs, gloves, sturdy shoes/boots, hat, and sun cream.
  • You will also need to bring a packed lunch and drinks.
  • All other tools and equipment will be provided.
  • Portaloos will be provided where toilet facilities are not available, with details provided in course joining instructions.
  • Parking will be available with further details provided in the joining instructions.