Image of man splitting wood with an axe beside a small camp fire

Experience the real Cotswolds

Immerse yourself in the real Cotswolds and get to know the materials that form this spectacular landscape.

Our experience days are a great way to spend a few hours getting hands-on with activities that help you delve deeper into what makes the Cotswolds landscape unique. The experiences are brilliant opportunities to connect with nature and spend quality time with family or friends while taking part in an unforgettable experience.

Fossils and Fun

The Cotswolds is famous for the beauty of its landscape and buildings. The local limestone has a unique warmth and richness to it, and wonderful variations in colour across the Cotswolds. Houses and churches in Cotswold towns and villages are built from this limestone, as are the countless miles of drystone walls.

In this experience, you will discover the origins and secrets of this amazing stone and how it has shaped the whole story of the Cotswolds. You’ll go on a fossil hunt to see what ancient preserved sea creatures you might find; and you’ll have a go at shaping and carving a stone block using traditional methods, which will then be used to repair a wall. Off the beaten track, in a stunning quarry setting, you will see the lengths the quarrymen went to to get their prize, even going underground.

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Call of the Wild 

Answer the call of the wild and venture on a journey into the woods to enjoy everything this fantastic natural playground has to offer. This experience involves gathering wood for a fire, wielding an axe to split logs, charcoal burning, and cooking an outdoors meal in a stunning Cotswold wood that was once part of the estate of Henry VIII.

A woodland can be a vibrant working human environment, as well as providing a special habitat for wildlife. In between activities, you’ll see first hand how wildlife benefits from traditional rural skills. We supply a good selection of tools so that you can have a go yourself and release the inner woodsman or woman in you!

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