Evenlode Education & Outreach

An image showing a row of people standing near water t=with the sky and themselves reflected in the water's surface. Image courtesy of Thames Water.

Engaging with Evenlode

Supporting a new smarter water catchments initiative

We are delighted to announce that as part of their Smarter Catchments initiative, Thames Water are funding three new roles for our team at Cotswolds National Landscape. The new Everyone’s Evenlode team will be working to help communities engage and connect with the River Evenlode and the water environment.

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Encouraging communities

Thames Water’s River Evenlode Smarter Catchment Plan aims to develop a programme of activities to show the relevance of the river and its catchment within the community. Our education and outreach team will help meet these aims by encouraging people to:

  • understand the physical and mental health benefits of a good quality river environment
  • access nature, and help its recovery
  • understand how the smarter catchments initiatives aim to protect communities from flooding
  • take part in knowledge exchange events across the Evenlode catchment area

We’ll also be working hard to engage with schools, to help inspire younger generations to connect with their local stretch of river, learn about healthy river environments and nature, and act to take positive action to care for and ecologically improve the River Evenlode.

The Everyone’s Evenlode project team members are: Rosalind Marsden (Education Officer), Ruth Rudwick (Community Outreach Officer), and Rowan Wynne-Jones (Community Outreach and Education Officer). If you’d like to find out more about the project, or would like to be involved, please email evenlode@cotswoldsaonb.org.uk

Rosalind Marsden, Ruth Rudwick, and Rowan Wynne-Jones.  Image ©Russell Sach

Smarter water catchments

The ‘smarter water catchment initiative’ for the Evenlode has four main work themes, which are being delivered in a collaborative and multi-partnered way:

  • Water quality and advocacy (delivered by Earthwatch for ECP)
  • Biodiversity, habitat, and landscape (delivered by Wild Oxfordshire for ECP)
  • Natural flood management (delivered by Wild Oxfordshire for ECP)
  • Education, access and recreation (delivered by Cotswolds National Landscape for ECP)

The Evenlode Catchment Partnership (ECP) and Thames Water are working together through the ‘smarter water catchment initiative’, and aim to build community skills, understand and find solutions to the problems that affect water quality, and develop new relationships with landowners. Together, this will help the ECP achieve its long term goal of bringing the Evenlode – a river and landscape that truly merits its place at the heart of our community – back to good ecological condition. ECP is hosted by local charity Wild Oxfordshire.