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Experience the great outdoors and learn about nature

Education resources

We are in the process of developing some educational resources to inspire children to get involved in nature and learn about the natural world around them.

Below is library of free, downloadable resources available from ourselves and other organisations.

School Groups

The voluntary arm of the Cotswolds National Landscape, the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens, has been working with schools in and around the Cotswolds for many years and in 2008, a pilot project was developed focusing on taking children outside the classroom to explore their local environment. This project grew in subsequent years and is now an important area of Voluntary Warden activity.

At present, work is targeted at pupils up to Key Stage 2 but there is the potential to work at Key Stage 3 level and above. Activities have involved work with the whole school or individual year groups.

Our wardens can offer (dependent on location of school and volunteers available):

    • Creating natural sculptures and work with pastels
    • Work with trees
    • Basic map and compass skills
    • Bug hunts and pond/stream dipping
    • Wild flower walks and fossil hunting

Take a look at our Education Brochure, containing an overview of our education programme and details of how to get in touch.

All activities are supported by volunteers. If your school has an idea or wishes to discuss any activities then please contact
Becky Jones, Access and Volunteer Lead,