Cotswolds LEADER Eligible Area

The Cotswolds LEADER Eligible area covers much of the Cotswolds AONB and some areas beyond such as parts of the Severn Vale and west Oxfordshire. If you are near to or just outside the boundary of the Cotswolds LEADER area, you may fall into the eligible area for one of our neighbouring LEADER areas, as illustrated in the map below.

Note that only the location of your project must fall inside the eligible area, this does not need to be the same address as your organisation’s registered office.

Our neighbouring LEADER areas may vary in terms of amount of funding available and requirements that need to be met so please check with the LEADER Programme that covers the location of your project.

Forest & Tewkesbury:

Vale Action:


West of England:


Using MAGIC Maps to confirm which area your project falls under

Screen shot of MAGIC MapsIf you are not sure which area your project falls under you can use the MAGIC Map search:

Once you are in MAGIC Maps you can use the drop-down menus on the left-hand side. Simply click on the plus-sign to expand the menu for ‘Administrative Geographies’, followed by ‘Other Administrative Boundaries’, then check the box for ‘Rural Development Fund eligibility for LEADER groups (England)’. The LEADER boundaries should then appear in blue.

Search for a location or postcode using the search facility at the top-left of the window. You can then zoom in to view your area in greater detail. The specific area you searched for will appear in light blue. You can then click on the (i) button at the top of the screen which will then allow you to confirm by clicking your mouse on the map exactly where your project activity will be. This will then result in a pop-up window appearing confirming whether your project activity falls within the Cotswolds LEADER area. Where the pop-up shows LEADER Name “Cotswolds” then this confirms that the point clicked on the map falls within the designated Cotswolds LEADER programme area.

Alternatively, give your nearest LEADER Programme a call and they will be able to confirm for you.

Cotswolds LEADER Programme team

James Webb, Programme Manager on 01451 862033
Lioba Erwert, Programme Assistant 01451 862001
Mandy Pressland, Programme Assistant