Cotswolds LEADER Funded Projects

The Cotswolds LEADER Programme has supported 29 projects with a total grant value of £834,036 (23 July 2018). Collectively this investment has created 28 new jobs.

Priority 1 – Support to increase farm productivity

  • £10,059.48 grant towards a Cluster Flush system for a dairy farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £5,206 grant towards a Mobile Sheep Handling system for a sheep farm in Worcestershire.
  • £49,958.21 grant towards a Robotic Milking system for a dairy farm in Wiltshire.
  • £20,450 grant towards a Cluster Flush system and EID Rumination Collars for a dairy farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £20,048 grant towards a Cluster Flush system and Cow Mattresses for a dairy farm in Wiltshire.
  • £9,798 grant towards a Cluster Flush system for a dairy farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £21,014 grant towards a Slurry Separator for a dairy farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £26,061 grant towards a Trailing Shoe Slurry system for a dairy farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £22,953 grant towards a Trailing Shoe, GPS and Rumination collars for a dairy farm in Wiltshire.
  • £6,991.39 grant towards a fixed Cattle Handling System for a farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £6,247.20 grant towards a Fertilizer Spreader for a farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £42,810 towards a System Cameleon Drill for an organic arable farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £23,372 towards an Ice-cream and Butter Production Facility on a dairy farm in Gloucestershire.
  • £29,757 grant towards a Weaving GD Drill for an arable farm in Oxfordshire.

Priority 2 – Support for micro and small businesses (non-agricultural) and farm diversification

Westend Office Suites, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.
£39,999.98 grant towards the construction of 10 new high quality office  units for start-ups and business seeking their first commercial premises or looking to expand.  The project will enable local firms to start-up and grow due to the facilities which would not otherwise be available.    Within a few months of the units being completed all were let and as at March 2017 two indirect jobs had been created by businesses renting the unit

Saltpig Curing Company Ltd, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.
£13,011.32 grant towards the conversion of a business unit, the fitting of chillers, a drying room and associated equipment for this start up business.  Owner (Ben Dulley) has extensive background as Michelin trained chef and has been producing charcuterie for the past 5 years at The Kingham Plough. Ben is hugely passionate about British Charcturie and specifically interested in using only local produce from local farmers.

Vegetable Matters, Ebrington, Gloucestershire.
£48,848.65 grant towards the construction of new farm shop and café .  Within months of opening, the original job creation forecast had been exceeded . As well as job creation, the business is working with other local producers, stimulating the rural economy. The wider community is benefiting from the daily supply of fresh vegetables from the farm and the café is acting as a hub for the local community. Read more here.

Wotton Farm Shop, Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire.
£47,972.97 grant towards extensive building work to double the retail space at Wotton Farm Shop. The extra space houses a new deli, the Potting Shed café and many new products for sale. As well as supporting the growth of the business, the new shop will create important new job opportunities. Read more here.

Capreolus Distillery, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
£10,463 towards a new still, mash pump, containers, trailer and straddle stacker to move fruit and an upgraded power supply.


Cotswold Seeds, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.
£99,982 grant towards Honeydale Farm – an Education Centre for Diverse Farming. Honeydale Farm in west Oxfordshire will promote diverse farming, which utilises many different crops in rotation along with livestock, grassland, woodland and water and aims to increase soil fertility and create a self-sufficient and regenerative farming system.

Ocean Ecology, Epney, Gloucestershire.
£17,891.38 grant towards specialist laboratory equipment. This investment will enable the business to analyse greater volumes of seabed samples collected from around the UK and internationally. This will bring a major component of this analysis service in-house resulting in increased turnover, job creation, cost savings and business efficiencies.

  • £24,660 grant towards a specialist Drying System for a business in Gloucestershire.

Priority 3 – Support for rural tourism

Longhills Farm, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.
£29,291.76 grant towards improved campsite site access and construction of two bespoke luxury wooden holiday homes to cater for up to 4 people each.  The homes include indoor eco toilet, micro kitchen, and have their own luxurious large wood fired hot-tubs alongside a wood burner with grill and oven, on the the covered deck.   The campsite offers pitches for 3 additional caravans and upto 10 tents.

The Farm Camp, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.
£16,074.81 grant towards a new Roundhouse activity space and a facilities structure. Tim Bowles, Director says: “The funding will help us upgrade our facilities to a much higher quality to attract different markets and fill the gaps in our season. The roundhouse build is already gaining attention from yoga enthusiasts and we look forward to having an inspiring activity space in the camp that will shelter guests from the British climate, when needed. The new facility block comprising a new kitchen, long-drop compost loos and showers will improve our staff and guest experiences.”

  • £49.992.55 grant towards the conversion of derelict agricultural buildings into 5 residential holiday units in Gloucestershire.

Priority 6 – Support for increasing forestry productivity

  • Little Owl Logs, Gloucestershire.
    £10,000 grant towards a Firewood Processor and Log Deck.
  • Walkers Logs, Gloucestershire.
    £49,981 grant towards a large Firewood Processor for processing large diameter trees.
  • JAG Timber, Oxfordshire.
    £48,642 grant towards storage for woodchip and a Firewood Processer.
  • Bathurst Estate (Earl’s Fund), Gloucestershire.
    £38,112 grant towards Forestry equipment and a Firewood processor.

Cotswolds LEADER Programme team

James Webb, Programme Manager on 01451 862033
Mandy Pressland, Programme Assistant on 01451 862030