Application process

(1) Firstly, we ask you to complete a Project Ideas form, which is quick to complete. It helps us understand what your project is about and determine the basic eligibility criteria such as location and cost items.

(2) Providing the basic eligibility criteria is met, the next stage is the Expression of Interest form. This is also relatively quick to complete. The Programme team review drafts at Expression of Interest stage in order to provide feedback to strengthen the application.

(3) If successful, you will then be invited to complete the Full Application forms. The full application process is expected to take at least 3-4 months depending on how quickly applicants are able to complete the full application forms. The Programme team also review drafts at Full Application stage in order to provide feedback to strengthen the application. At this stage you will also be required to provide accurate supporting documents including valid quotes, business accounts, evidence that match funding has been secured, planning and other permissions have been granted (if applicable).

When the full application is formally submitted it will then undergo a series of checks and appraisals before being presented to the LAG Executive at one of the regularly scheduled grants meetings for a decision.

Being invited to a Full Application does not guarantee that the application will be successful or that the grant level requested at Expression of Interest stage will be offered. It is an invitation to the next stage of the application process and means that based on the information you have provided so far, we think your project may be eligible for scheme funding.

LEADER is a competitive demand-led grant programme and all applications must include a strong business case for investment with timely evidence of market rationale, need for grant, project plan – delivery and outputs, accounts, like-for-like quotations and technical information. As a result, there is no guarantee that your project will be approved for funding.

All applicant businesses and potential projects must be located within the Cotswolds LEADER Eligible Area and all applicants must read the Applicant Handbook that details essential eligibility criteria.

All application forms must be submitted electronically to this email address:

Cotswolds LEADER Programme team

James Webb, Programme Manager on 01451 862033
Lioba Erwert, Programme Assistant 01451 862001
Mandy Pressland, Programme Assistant