Cotswolds LEADER FAQs

Who can apply?

We can support a wide range of businesses and non-profits including farmers, growers, foresters, community groups and micro and small businesses (i.e. – businesses with up to 50 employees) where the project is located within the Cotswolds LEADER area.

How can I tell what LEADER area my project falls within?

The Cotswolds LEADER Eligible area covers much of the Cotswolds AONB and some areas beyond such as parts of the Severn Vale and west Oxfordshire. Maps are available under the Cotswolds LEADER Eligible Area page, along with instructions on how to use the Magic Map application.

How much can I apply for?

Grants are available from £5,000 to £50,000. For exceptional projects with high job outputs, grants from £50,000 to £100,000 will be considered. This higher amount is only available under Priority 2 “Support for micro & small Businesses and farm diversification”. The grant intervention rate will be typically limited to 40% of total eligible project cost, although some not-for-profit projects could potentially receive a higher amount.

Is match funding needed?

Yes. Commercial projects can apply for up to 40% grant funding, with the remainder being obtained through private funding (public funds cannot be used for this purpose). Not-for-profit projects may be considered at a higher percentage (depending on the theme and nature of project), though significant match funding will still be required.

Can I apply for capital and revenue costs?

LEADER funds are for capital only. 

How long does the application process take?

The application process may take between 5-9 months depending on how quickly applicants are able to complete the full application forms and the complexity of the project.

If successful, is grant funding provided upfront?

No. Grants are paid retrospectively after submitting evidence that costs have been incurred (i.e. – invoice and proof of payment). Funds would be reimbursed at the percentage level of grant funding that LAG has agreed to contribute. For example, if the LAG has agreed to provide 40% of project costs, we would reimburse £5,000 after receiving evidence of £12,500 spend.

Who makes the funding decisions?

A Local Action Group; the LAG. A group of 12. 7 of whom have been appointed through open recruitment and 5 appointed from the Accountable Body; Cotswolds Conservation Board. The LAG members are:

Jo Burgon (Chairman), John Matthews (Vice Chairman), Sam Phillips, Alison Robinson, Russell Warner, Jeff West, Carl Woodwards, Ben Dent, Rebecca Charley, Nigel Colston, Liz Hodges, Peter Jones.

Can I apply for second hand equipment?

Yes, but there are criteria that must be met:
You do not need to obtain 3 quotes for second hand items. It is acceptable to submit 1 quote for the second hand item and 2 further quotes for new items as long as they are comparable with each other in terms of item specification and the cost of the second hand item is not in excess of the cost of a new item.

In the Full Application you will need to provide details of any project items that you intend to purchase second hand and explain why you wish to do this.

When you request quotes for the second hand item, you will need to ask the supplier to confirm the following points (provide a copy of the email with your application):

  • detail of the origin of the item and confirmation that during the previous 7 years the item has not been purchased with public funding. If you are unable to obtain this confirmation from the supplier you should make your own enquiries and provide us with a declaration to confirm that to the best of your knowledge, the item has not previously been grant funded;
  • that the item meets health and safety legislation;
  • that the item doesn’t cost more than the market value for new equipment; and
  • that the item is operational and fit for the purpose of the project as described by you to them when you get the quote.

You will also need to confirm that the item specification is equal to or better than a new equivalent version, that it meets the requirements of the project and is expected to last for the duration of any grant agreement that might be offered to you.

You will also need to confirm that the description given to the supplier was consistent with the purpose for the project as set out in your application (you could supply any email you sent to all prospective suppliers asking them to provide a quote that sets out what you want to use the equipment for).

If you are unable to obtain the supplier confirmation with the quote, you must explain why and tell us how you know that the item will meet the criteria as set out above. What other evidence do you have? Please bear in mind that if you do not provide confirmation from the supplier that meets these requirements prior to claiming any grant, we will be unable to make payment. If your second hand item is no longer available at the time we approve your application, you can make a request to use a different supplier, and will need to provide the confirmation from that supplier as set out above with the new quote.

Cotswolds LEADER Programme team

James Webb, Programme Manager on 01451 862033
Lioba Erwert, Programme Assistant 01451 862001
Mandy Pressland, Programme Assistant