Corporate away days

A group of people helping to repair a dry stone wall together.

Corporate away days

Fresh air, fresh skills, fresh team!

We get it – since March 2020, the world of work has been through so much change. There have been plenty of positives to the shifts in working practices, but there have also been some drawbacks….

For some teams, being apart has been challenging. Getting together again, in person, will be an important part of the new hybrid working patterns many organisations will adopt. Making sure those get togethers are covid-safe, positive, and constructive will be essential.

We welcome teams from across all industries to join us in the Cotswolds National Landscape for away days like no others! We centre experiences around traditional rural skills – from dry stone walling, to coppicing, to hedgelaying – all activities which encourage people to work together as a team towards a common objective.

These engaging activities come with an enormous sense of achievement; and the team will play their part in landscape restoration that will provide long lasting benefits.

Whether the goal is to reconnect colleagues, bring people together from across the workplace, or to provide reward and recognition for work well done, our away days are focused – and always lots of fun.

Please get in touch at or call Edward Bonn, Rural Skills Officer, on 07841 663 607.

We look forward to hearing from you!