Bathscape Access Project

With ancient hilltops and hidden valleys, canals and aqueducts, towers and tunnels, gardens and riverside meadows, the Bathscape area really does have it all. It’s a rich and varied mix of stunning geology, wildlife, history and heritage, just waiting to be explored.

The Bathscape Partnership first met back in 2013, a coming together of like-minded organisations with a shared ambition to address threats faced by the beautiful natural landscape surrounding Bath, and to better recognise its value to the health and wellbeing of all people in the city.

Its vision was for an enhanced ‘Bathscape’, a landscape that was more easily accessed and actively enjoyed by a greater and more diverse number of people. It wanted Bath to be recognised as one of the most complete landscape cities in the world, where the people in the city were more connected with the beautiful rural landscape around them.

Cotswolds National Landscape is responsible for delivery of the Bathscape Access Project.

    • Assessing and making physical improvements to the Circuit of Bath Path
    • Assessing and creating 19 self-guided walking routes, in consultation with user groups
    • Engaging and training volunteers who will continue to maintain the key routes
    • Lead and promote guided walks
    • Photograph the routes and contribute to Bathscape’s digital content and trail guides

This will involve consultation of local user groups, disability groups and healthcare professionals on the suitability of routes for people with a range of health conditions, and testing the routes with them.

Nicole Daw joined us in June 2021 as our Trails and Access Officer working with the Bathscape team, supported by the Bathscape Volunteers, Bath Ramblers and Cotswold Voluntary Wardens, to deliver the the Access project by August 2023.

View our progress

    • Circuit of Bath
      Enjoy 21.5 miles of walking around the Bathscape. This walk offers stunning views, history, heritage, countryside and city, including Little Solsbury Hill. A beautiful walk in any season as it takes in river, canal, meadows, woodland and peaceful valleys.
    • Self Guided Walks (select Walking from the “Category” dropdown at the top of the Bathscape map)
    • Guided Walks

Installing the new Circuit of Bath Waymarkers July 2021 (c) Jess Gay (Julian House)

Jess Gay (Julian House) and Nicole Daw at Woolley with new Circuit of Bath Waymarker


Just some of the work undertaken by our wonderful volunteers