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The Cotswold Lion is produced twice a year, and covers a wide range of features: from arts, culture and history; through to nature, conservation, and environment; local enterprise; walking and exploring; and events highlights in the region.

The Lion is produced by the Cotswolds National Landscape team, and can be found online. Coronavirus meant we had to move the Cotswold Lion to an online-only publication. Until then, it had always been a free printed publication, distributed across the Cotswolds for everyone to enjoy.

We are currently seeking generous sponsors to help with the costs of returning the Cotswold Lion to a printed format. If that’s you – please do get in touch!

The Lion is the perfect read for those who love the Cotswolds, and who love being out and about in the countryside.

All the back issues, and the current issue can be downloaded for free below. 

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Issue 46: January to June 2022

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