Board Meetings


Cotswolds National Landscape Board

The Full Board meets three times a year to discuss the strategic matters and future direction, it also approves various policies and plans. The Board has an Executive Committee made up of ten members elected by the Board, its remit is to advise the Chief Executive and the team on operational activities of the organisation’s work, in particular it reviews progress of the various Working and Steering Groups listed below. In 2021 a Finance and Governance Sub-Committee was formed to provide assurance to Board Members on all matters relating to finance, audit and risk.

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Sub Committe

    • Finance and Governance

Working Groups

    • Climate Change
    • Projects and Fundraising
    • Planning and Infrastructure
    • Health, Wellbeing and Social Inclusion

Steering Groups

    • A417 ‘Missing Link’
    • Glorious Cotswolds Grasslands
    • Cotswolds Champions

Assessment Panel

    • Farming in Protected Landscapes grants programme