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Rural skills like dry stone walling, hedgelaying, coppicing, charcoaling, blacksmithing, horse-logging, spinning and weaving, stone carving, and green woodworking are all woven together with the history of the landscape.

Skills such as dry stone walling, hedgelaying, and woodland coppicing have played an important role in shaping the distinctive and unique landscape that we see around us today. Sadly, changes in land management practices over the past century have resulted in many of these features being left neglected and falling into disrepair.

We are no longer offering the Cotswolds Rural Skills Programme, but there are other training providers in and around the Cotswolds offering such courses:

Drystone Walling




Brush Cutter & Trimmer Operation


Woodland and Woodcraft Skills


Green Woodworking – Stool Making

Green Woodworking – Spoon Carving

Wool Weaving

Lime Plastering & Pointing

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