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Sharing the traditional skills that keep a living landscape like the Cotswolds alive is an important part of our work. Rural skills like dry stone walling, hedgelaying, coppicing, charcoaling, blacksmithing, horse-logging, spinning and weaving, stone carving, and green woodworking are all woven together with the history of the landscape.

Skills such as dry stone walling, hedgelaying, and woodland coppicing have played an important role in shaping the distinctive and unique landscape that we see around us today. Sadly, changes in land management practices over the past century have resulted in many of these features being left neglected and falling into disrepair. Our rural skills programme aims to help address this by teaching  these fascinating and practical skills to new generations of people.

We offer an annual programme of training courses aimed at teaching people the methods and techniques involved in traditional Cotswolds skills and crafts. We work with a range of very skilled, experienced, and qualified trainers – who offer courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We can arrange team building, corporate, and schools programmes. During the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to make sure our courses are safe for both trainers and attendees.

Our course attendees finish days with us with sense of satisfaction, a breath of fresh air, new found skills, and the knowledge that they have helped to conserve one of the country’s most important landscapes.

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