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Kolja Thestorf + Agnes Krüger

From: Berlin, Germany

Started: 2nd Jun, 2017 — Finished: 8th Jun, 2018

Dear Cotswolds Way team, Cotswolds Way walkers and Hall of Fame members! Nearly one year after we finished the Cotswolds Way we finally found some free time to share our experiences with all Cotswolds Way walkers. We had a nice stay for two days in Bath and did the Cotswolds Way the other way round as we walked the Bristol-Bath Railway path first, directly after we arrived in Bristol. We started our adventure at the 2nd of June and finished at the 8th of June. On our way we rested at small B&B's in Old Sodbury (Dogs Inn) and Dursley (best stay ever!) as well as in a nice apartment in Moreton-in-Marsh with the family, who picked us up once on the journey and released us at the same spot of the path again after a day off. We enjoyed the scenic walk, the landscape and panoramic views from the hilltops but sometimes (really just very short periods of time) cursed the muddy slippery path, steeper slopes or the rain (unfortunately we had lots of it), but kept on walking. We had impressive moments on the 160 km walk from Bath to Chipping Campden where we finished our walk in the evening (9pm). Unfortunately this late arrival hindered us to get our walk confirmed, but we decided to make a picture in the city centre instead. The walk was really worth it. Not only due to the sights like Tyndale Monument, long barrows (e. g. Belas Knap) or the small towns and churches in the countryside, but also because of the nature which was really stunning and other people we met on our way and had a chat with. Our daily trips had between 30 and 42.2 kilometres in length and due to the weather conditions on two days we decided to have a day off, relax and visit other sights of the Cotswolds. One important lesson we had to learn on our way was, that you really shouldn't underestimate the ups and downs of the route (when you come from a very flat place on earth) and that you should always be prepared for changing weather conditions. We would like to thank the Cotswold Way team for keeping the trail in a very good condition. Especially the signs which tell you where to go were really helpful, although we had the two books (which were worth having as well) dealing with this Way. Thank you very much for this experience! Best regards from Berlin, Germany

Oliver Hillier and Lisa Hillier

From: Doncaster

Started: 2nd Apr, 2018 — Finished: 7th Apr, 2018

What a walk! Far more challenging than we originally thought due to the weather. Some very muddy fields and flooded paths made the going difficult in places. A great achievement by Oliver who is only 8 years old and was walking to raise money for Children In Need.

Julia Doherty

From: Towcester, Northants

Started: 24th Mar, 2018 — Finished: 31st Mar, 2018

What an amazing journey. Fabulous views. Many ups and downs (in more ways than one) and mud... lots of it! I slid my way into Bath. I got lost on so many occasions, but having my geocaching app helped! I clocked up 121 miles in total from Chipping Camden to Bath. There are quite a few extra miles walked when you are looking for your B&B or getting lost!

Jay Howard

From: Wiltshire

Started: 7th Feb, 2018 — Finished: 12th Feb, 2018

Out of season the trail is very VERY muddy! However, on the plus side it's almost empty of other walkers and all the hotels etc are cheaper.

John Prall & Jenny Prall

From: Bath

Started: 6th May, 2017 — Finished: 3rd Feb, 2018

We greatly enjoyed the Cotswold Way which we walked over 10 months with the Cotswold Wardens.I would recommend it to any reasonably fit person. The views are stunning most of the time.

Will Shaw

From: Bristol

Started: 11th Feb, 2017 — Finished: 28th Dec, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the cotswolds way. As i live close to the path i did all the walk in sections and not just in 1 go. My favourite parts were hairsfield beacon where i saw a spectacular sunset over the severn. Also the section around Cheltenham where you get views right across the town with the Malvern hills always on the horizon

Anne Louise Avery, Steve Pratley and Inigo Avery

From: Oxford

Started: 31st May, 2017 — Finished: 25th Nov, 2017

We walked the Cotswold Way with our 7-year-old son, Indy, who was only 6 when we began. As he was so little, we decided to do the walk in segments over weekends and holidays, looping back to our car each time by taxi or bus, rather than staying the night. We normally walked between 7 and 14 miles each time, stopping for picnics at some of the wildest and most beautiful places along the way. A full account of our experiences, including the history of the Cotswold Way and its connection to the poet and composer Ivor Gurney, is published at the literary travel journal Panorama: http://www.panoramajournal.org/seen-cotswold-way-england/

Naomi Jackson

From: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Started: 31st Oct, 2017 — Finished: 5th Nov, 2017

Beautiful walk! Challenging inclines were offset by fantastic views of the countryside and animals. Everyone I encountered was very friendly!

Melanie Ring

From: Stroud, Gloucestershire

Started: 19th Aug, 2017 — Finished: 29th Oct, 2017

I walked the Cotswold Way in the autumn to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me and showed their support. My route took me north to south from Chipping Campden to Bath. It was challenging but filled with lots of wow moments (the views from Cleeve Hill, Cam Long down, Prospect Stile...). Plenty of health benefits too!

Worcester Ramblers

From: Worcester

Started: 1st Feb, 2017 — Finished: 25th Oct, 2017

Members of the Worcester Ramblers at the end of the Cotswold's Way in Bath. A total of 17 walkers completed the trail over 8 sections, which took place between February and October 2017. A great success and achievement, the trail offered a wide variety of scenery, quaint villages with fabulous views across the Cotswold's.

Lary and Kathleen Taylor with Bruce and Charlene Bainum

From: Angwin, California, USA

Started: 12th Sep, 2017 — Finished: 19th Oct, 2017

We had a lovely hike.

The weather was perfect with only about 20" of rain.

England is beautiful and has an amazing amount of open countryside.

Shirenewton Village Walkers

From: Shirenewton, Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Started: 3rd Oct, 2016 — Finished: 16th Oct, 2017

OK, so a snail could have completed The Cotswold Way in a shorter time than we did! But we did the trail over 13 short stages using Kev Reynolds guide, going out for a day once a month or so and thoroughly enjoyed it. The landscape is spectacular and the villages beautiful. We usually finished the day with tea and cake in a cafe. I'm sure we'll be revisiting some of the stages again in the future.


From: Stonehaven

Started: 4th Oct, 2017 — Finished: 11th Oct, 2017

Cotwold Way - Bath to Chipping Campden. Excellent walk. Thanks very much for all the hard work the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens have been doing along the route. We met them in various locations along the way, and we appreciated all the hard work they have been doing over the year to improve and maintain the route to the high standard it is. Great work everyone. Thanks for helping make this a lovely walk.

Beverley Bleasdale


Started: 7th May, 2016 — Finished: 7th Oct, 2017

Annette Goodall

From: Bishopston, Bristol

Started: 7th May, 2016 — Finished: 7th Oct, 2017

The Cotswold Way in ten stages