Welcome to Quantum Sheep and the Wonderful Wolds

Find out more about our interactive kiosks that were created with the help of Heritage Lottery Funding and provide a computer game designed to introduce 7-11 year olds to the Cotswold Landscape.

Meet Quantum
Quantum a 3D cartoon stylised sheep is here to help make people aware of the countryside around them.

Quantum is the hero of a new interactive computer game where the aim is to help him rescue a lost lamb from four periods in history.

Our hero goes back in time to either the Celtic, Roman, Medieval or Victorian eras and encounters all sorts of flora and fauna which makes the Cotswolds what it was and what it is today.

Our heroic sheep also finds out about the impact of man upon the landscape.

Click here to download a Lesson Planning Pack designed to be used as a resource for History and Geography at Key Stage 2.

One of the kiosks is currently located in the foyer of the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, another is located at the Cotswold Farm Park and a third in our new Visitor Centre 'Escape to the Cotswolds' in Northleach.