2010/11 2011/12
  £ £
Expenditure 1,078,807 995,125
Project Delivery 949,718 871,994
Corporate Management and Administration 136,233 137,010
Interest Receivable  (7,144) (13,879)
Income (1,403,995) (1,023,184)
DEFRA 0 (519,383)
Natural England  (747,548) (135,804)
Local Authorities  (176,487) (171,972)
National Grid (400,000) (96,000)
Other  (79,960) (100,025)
Surplus for Year (325,188) (28,059)
Surplus for the Year after Movement on Reserves (4,492) (90,980)


Balance Sheet     
Fixed Assets 0 0
Current Assets 752,873 715,328
  752,873 715,328
Less: Current Liabilities (175,070) (109,466)
Total Net Assets 577,803 605,862
Financed by    
General Fund Balance 118,925 209,905
Earmarked Reserves 458,878 395,957
  577,803 605,862


*Restated to take account of changes arising from the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011 removing the requirement to apply annual valuations to the pension fund.  A valuation is carried out every three years. 




The Board’s income fell in 2011/12 by £381,000 as a result of reductions in funding from DEFRA/Natural England and local authorities and as grants from the National Grid in respect of the gas pipeline moved through the accounts. The Board has had some success in bringing in additional income by charging for services and by accessing other grants. In the same period, expenditure reduced by nearly £84,000 as the Board programme of projects adapted to the reduction in funding. The Boards earmarked reserves fell as National Grid grant has been spent on the dry stone walling programme, while the Board’s General Fund has increased as a result of efficiency savings. A full Statement of Accounts is available to view here.