The Cotswolds became an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) back in 1966 and the primary purpose of the legal designation is to conserve and enhance the area’s natural beauty.

The Cotswolds Conservation Board exists to oversee this aim and works with a wide-range of partner organisations to ensure that it is achieved.

Conservation work in the AONB aims to cover everything within the built and natural environment; the landscape, biodiversity, geology and soils, natural resources, cultural heritage and many other features.

The board has identified the features that make the Cotswolds landscape unique and has formulated policies to help conserve and enhance it. These can be found in the AONB management plan.

We work to ensure that everyone who is responsible for conserving, living and working and planning and developing within the AONB is aware that it is a special area with distinctive qualities that should be maintained.

The Conservation Board has been working with the Cotswolds Ecological Networks Forum to identify two Nature Improvement Areas for the AONB.  Click here for further details. A larger copy of the Cotswolds Nature Improvement Areas map can been viewed by clicking here (4mb).