Applicants are initially encouraged to discuss their idea for a project with the Sustainable Development Officer to ensure the project is suitable for an SDF grant.

Projects valued at £2,500 or over
Applicants are asked to submit a brief project proposal outlining the project aims and outcomes. Proposals with a project cost of over £2,500 are referred to the Grants Sub-committee for consideration. Members have a range of interests and experience. Applications will be assessed against the fund’s aims and criteria. If the committee decides the proposal is a suitable SDF project then the applicant will be encouraged to submit an application form, further detailing the project budget and intended targets. Applicants will then be notified of the Sub-committee’s decision within 2 weeks of the Grants Sub-committee meeting.
Projects valued under £2,500
Projects valued under £2,500 are asked to submit a project proposal and application form as above. However, in this instance, applications are decided upon by the Sustainable Development Fund Officer.

Who to contact

Please contact Edward Bonn, Rural Skills and Grants Officer  on 01451 862002 or via email  to discuss you project idea or to find out more about the Sustainable Development Fund.