Cotswolds Stepping Stones Programme

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Are you a level 1 dry-stone waller? Are you looking to branch out your skills into the commercial world of walling? If so, the stepping stones project is your chance!
From March 2016, newly qualified level 1 dry-stone wallers have the opportunity to take on their own dry-stone walling projects and get paid for it by the Cotswolds dry-stone walling academy.
Our ‘stepping stones’ initiative falls under the umbrella of the Cotswolds Dry-Stone Walling Academy. Through this program we aim to give level 1 dry-stone wallers the chance to develop a portfolio of their own dry stone walls and showcase their skills. This will enable level 1 wallers to understand the pressures of being a professional waller.
We currently have our first Stepping Stones candidate who is working hard undertaking work on her wall which she will be completing within the next 5 weeks!
If you missed the previous article, the aim of the programme is to offer newly qualified wallers the opportunity to develop their skills by taking on the repair of a 10-20m section of traditional Cotswolds field wall. Working alone, the waller is given a set period of time (as negotiated by the Board and the waller) in which they must compete the work.
With total flexibility, an assigned professional dry-stone waller acting as a mentor, and the opportunity to begin to create a portfolio of your own work, the programme is a must for anyone hoping to get into professional dry-stone walling!
Currently, existing locations for Stepping Stones include;
Burford (Oxfordshire)
Chedworth (Gloucestershire)
Charlbury (Oxfordshire)
If you fancy joining the Stepping Stones Programme, or you would like to take your level 1 walling qualification in order to qualify, or if you know someone who would be interested, please contact Rural Skills & Grants Officer, David Molloy on 01451 862002 or by email