If you would like to contact us to ask any questions or queries or to order a leaflet please use the get in touch form.

Alternatively if you would like to get in touch by mail, phone or fax our contact details are:

Cotswolds Conservation Board
Fosse Way
GL54 3JH
United Kingdom

Tel: 01451 862000
Fax: 01451 862001

If you would like to get in touch with one of our staff click on their name to send an email directly.

If you wish to make a more detailed comment, complaint or compliment please download the following leaflet.
Download 'Comments, Complaints and Compliments Policy and Process (MS Word, 48kB)'

Director Martin Lane
Office Manager - direct dial: 01451 862009 Alison Lammas
Admin Officer - direct dial: 01451 862030 Claire Parker
Information & Interpretation Officer - direct dial: 01451 862003 Nicola Greaves
Land Management Officer - direct dial: 01451 862006 Mark Connelly
Volunteer Co-ordinator - direct dial: 01451 862008 Rebecca Jones
Project Development & Business Planning Officer - direct dial: 01451 862031 Simon Smith
Planning Officer - direct dial: 01451 862004 Malcolm Watt
Rural Skills & Grants Officer - direct dial: 01451 862002 David Molloy

Cotswold Trails & Access Officer Officer - direct dial: 01451 862034 James Blockley

Cotswold Lion Cafe - 01451 861563 lioncafe@cotswoldsaonb.org.uk

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